About MCDLink

Our mission is to provide methods, services, and products that make available opportunities and savings for our clients through our research and direct experience.

We offer a large number of services and products that are very diversified to provide you with a well rounded offer selection.

We are a company who’s base concept began in 1993, and we have continued to seek better ways to help customers either save money, belongings, or enhance their lives.

The president and founder started this business tired of being over charged and receiving undervalued services.  So he has built this company to provide the products, support, and services that he himself either uses or has reviewed.

Please feel free to review this information on our web site, and enjoy the many cost saving features that we offer.  If you would like to contact us, please call us 800-479-8770 or email us using our email form.

We do not allow nor accept profanity or offensive material.