Link Exchange

Do you have a website that you would like to link exchange (or Cross Promotional Linking) with MCDLink, Inc.  Then just use our contact form and let us know what your then name, description, and web address that you wish us to link to.

The advantages of bringing in a highly targeted readership (for link exchanges where all members of the exchange have similar web sites), of increasing the “link popularity” of a site with Web search engines, and of being relatively stable methods of hyperlinking.


Company Description Link
MCDLink Promotions If you are wanting to get noticed as an event, a company, a charity, etc… MCDLink promotions will make it happen.
Doc’s Group Therapy Online and In-Person talk show and comedy with very affordable advertising…
R80-O Online Radio Cranking up great music and a great place for advertising and all online… http://www/
Website and Hosting Services
MCDLink Web Hosting Web hosting and domain registrations company
RegisterLink Website registration company
Project Management
Project Management Links Project management information, contraction, templates and much more.